Friday, 24 May 2013

Howdy everyone!

Welcome to A Nexus of Histories, a blog about the historical parallels between our world and the nascent universe of Wildstar. Through the Nexus, we intend to highlight a collection of real world analogues from which Wildstar lore draws inspiration. By engendering a deeper understanding of these histories beyond what is popularly known or believed, we hope to provide a greater range of options for roleplayers interested in the setting.

So who are the Nexus Historians? Well, you can call me Silver--I'm a history enthusiast and full-time educator--and joining me is Lucidna--whose true speciality is art history but who can do American history in a pinch since I can't. Together, we'll punch through the memes of history in good ol' Exile fashion and hopefully make Nexus Historians of all y'all!

Ahem. So tighten your jock strap, buckle up, and enjoy.