Monday, 1 July 2013

Good Republic, Good Empire: Closing Words

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"I encounter civilians like you all the time. You believe the Empire is continually plotting to do harm. Let me tell you, your view of the Empire is far too dramatic. The Empire is a government. It keeps billions of beings fed and clothed. Day after day, year after year, on thousands of worlds, people live their lives under Imperial rule without seeing a stormtrooper or hearing a TIE fighter scream overhead." - Thrawn (Thanks Falfarrin for the quote!)

Empires are great places. If not for the security and luxuries they afford their citizens, then definitely for the diversity they hold under a sphere of commonality. Empires are not comprised of legions of unquestioning Storm Troopers cloned from vats, they are made up of a confluence of ideas, influences, opinions, and methodologies that, despite the chaos of so many strong beliefs in one place, have learned to not only work despite differences, but also to excel by synthesizing and creating new knowledge from that amazing interchange of ideas. I hope that this mini-series has helped express that view of empire and of the Dominion as a place of great good and social progress and that those of you reading take the opportunity to further express this positive strength of empire through your portrayal of the Dominion in fan fiction, art, film, and roleplay regardlesss of which side of the fence you stand.

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